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California Employment Law Basics

Learn What Makes A Termination Is Illegal.

Am I Experiencing A Hostile work environment

Learn When A Workplace Culture Or Incident Creates A "Hostile Work Environment." 

Is my disability being Reasonably accommodated?  

Learn What the "Interactive Process" Is And When "Accommodations" Should Be Made For Your Disability.

Am i getting The lunch and rest breaks I'm entitled to?   

Learn When You Are Entitled To Breaks And How Long They Need To Be.

My Job offered me a severance, should i talk to an attorney? 

Learn How To Spot Red Flags When Your Employer Offers You A Severance Agreement.

What is a contingency fee?

Learn How The Lyman Firm Charges For Its Services.

Am I Being Discriminated Against AT work?  

Learn When Your Employer's Actions Are Considered Illegal "Discrimination." 

Am I being Retaliated Against At Work?

Learn When Your Employer's Actions Are Considered Illegal "Retaliation."

Am I Being Paid Correctly For The Hours I work?

Learn When You Should Be Getting Paid And When You Should Be Getting Paid Overtime.

Am i Being Unlawfully 
harassed at work?    

Learn When Your Boss' Or Co-Workers' Behavior Is Unlawful "Harassment".

Am I entitled To take a leave of absence from work

Learn What You Are Entitled To When It Comes To Sick Leave, PTO, and Other Leaves of Absences.

Can I sue My employer if i am not a citizen?

Learn How Your Immigration Status Will Impact Your Case (It Likely Won't).

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We perform all services on a contingency fee basis, which means we only charge you a percentage of what you recover at the end of your case.  If you win nothing, you pay nothing. 

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