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For Employee Rights


The Lyman Firm is proud to announce that its founding and principal attorney, Dan Lyman, has been selected to the 2022 Northern California Rising Stars list compiled by the Super Lawyers publication, an honor given to just 2.5% of California attorneys. Click here for more information.    

We represent employees whose rights are violated at work.  



We are here to serve our clients.  From your initial consultation to the resolution of your case, our goal is to make the process as convenient, transparent, and collaborative as possible.  The most important thing to us, is making sure that you stay informed about the status of your case and understand everything that happens along the way.  We achieve this by frequently updating you in normal language (not legalese) and spending whatever amount of time you need discussing your thoughts and concerns to make sure our strategic decisions are always aligned with your goals.   


To these ends, we make the following commitments to every client: 

  1.  We will return your calls, texts, and emails within hours (not days or weeks). 

  2.  Your lead attorney will update you on your case (not a paralegal, case manager, or junior associate).

  3.  We will understand and pursue your goals (not what we think your goals are or what most clients' goals are).  

  4.  We will give you the time and consideration you need to feel comfortable with each step taken in your case (we will not rush or pressure you).  



Our dedication to your goals  begins at intake, as the first question we will ask is, "what do you want out of your case?" If you want your day in court before a jury, we will make that happen.  If you've been wronged, but you're not crazy about being deposed or examined before a jury, we can explore alternative routes to justice.  If you don't know what you want, but know you want to do something about some injustice you've experienced at work, we can talk you through your legal options.




We initially cover all costs associated with litigating your case and do not charge any fee or retainer upfront.  We provide our services on what is referred to as a "contingency fee" basis, which means that our fees are paid at the end of your case and calculated based on a percentage of the amount you ultimately recover (using a percentage rather than an hourly or flat rate means that our fees will never eat up all or even most of your award).  Click here for more information about how contingency fees work. 


The Lyman Firm was founded by its principal attorney, Dan Lyman.  Dan spent his early legal career as a judicial research attorney in the trial departments of San Francisco Superior Court, where he learned the ins-and-outs of trial and what it takes to persuade judges and juries.  Dan then spent several years with a nationally and internationally recognized defense firm where he represented some of the largest companies in the world in employment disputes.  After an awakening of sorts, Dan decided to take the skills he had developed and work for, rather than against, California's workforce.  And thus, The Lyman Firm was born. 


Dan's unique legal background has made him a highly effective advocate for his clients.  Having worked for both judges and employers, Dan understands and embraces these other perspectives.  His approach anticipates the institutional roadblocks and distractions that plaintiffs' attorneys often allow to sidetrack their cases.  Dan navigates these pitfalls to achieve the most efficient and positive resolution for his clients.  Through working dozens of trials on the judicial side, Dan has developed a firsthand understanding of what ultimately matters in a case.  This inside knowledge of the courts and employer-side strategy provides a global awareness in each case that is both crucial to success and often not possessed by the other parties.


I was born and raised in Sonoma County, California (about an hour north of San Francisco).  For nearly a decade before starting law school, I worked in the restaurant industry.  Standing between the public and their food teaches you a lot about humanity.  Jokes aside, working in restaurants taught me how to communicate with all types of people under (surprisingly) stressful conditions, how to navigate strong personalities and egos (looking at you, chefs), and what it's like to experience appropriate/lawful conditions versus inappropriate/unlawful conditions at work.  I'm grateful for my time in the industry, it has shaped the way I interact with people everyday, and it has served (no pun intended) me well ever since.           

Just before law school, I married my longtime girlfriend, Holly.  We now have a son, John, and daughter, Colette.  When I'm not working for my clients, I'm spending time with my family.  And, occasionally, I will manage to find time to smoke a 14-hour brisket or tackle a woodworking project.    

Consultations are free and you pay nothing upfront to retain The Lyman Firm.  

We perform all services on a contingency fee basis, which means we only charge you a percentage of what you recover at the end of your case.  If you win nothing, you pay nothing. 

Note: Visiting this website, completing the contact form, or sending an email does not create an attorney-client relationship. Also, any information you obtain at this site is not legal advice nor is it intended to be construed as such.

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